Saturday, June 16, 2007

...........We won and I fly on Friday, 12 weeks of African life. More importantly League Two football next year, pity Swindon and Bristol went up - grounds near me! By the time I blog again, Wrexham will be Top of League Two, Wales will be about to win the Rugby World Cup and Chester will still be .......

Friday, May 4, 2007

I'll be THERE

Just returned to Newbury, after a trip from hell around the M25. Up early tomorrow to drive North for the big match. 30 years of watching Wrexham in the league - isn't going to end tomorrow, is it? Unless next season starts in Namibia, I am going to miss the start of the season. Whether it is league two or the conference. In the immortal words of U2 - I WILL FOLLOW. Come win or lose, Africa or Europe I’ll be following Wrexham, occasionally with a microphone and a pint in the NAGS.

.......but tomorrow PLEASE WIN !!!!!!